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The Journey to the Four Kingdoms

A traveler sails in on a boat headed to Murom in search of adventure and a sense of purpose in life. Quickly, the denizens of Navy's Village come to realize that this traveler is no ordinary adventurer. The witch in Navy's Village envisions that this adventurer will one day become the savior of this dying land.

Animals have gone berzerk, the weak-willed have been bent to serving an evil cause that is greater than themselves, and the strong-willed are in turmoil from the chaos that ensues. The Kingdom of All Powers suffers from terrible hail, blinding blizzards and harsh winds. The Kingdom of Zverobor suffers from constant war and disarray. The Kingdom of Right suffers from dying flowers and vegetations with the constant threat of animals who are forever angered. The Kingdom of Navy suffers from ever-changing naval conditions with sharp periods of drought turning into flash floods at the blink of an eye.

One adventurer will travel down a road that is less-traveled; the road of righteousness, the road that will rally like-minded individuals to help the cause, the road that will set the world of Fragoria right once more.